DRB Edit

DRB Edit is provide without any warranty of any kind.
Always back up your programs before using DRB Edit.

What Does DRB Edit do?  

RFO Basic! is a dialect of Basic that allows you to write and run programs directly on your Android device.  For further information and to get a copy visit the web site at


RFO Basic! includes an editor and interpreter to allow you to write and run your applications directly on the Android device without the need for a PC.

Having written an editor for another device – the Maximite computer, I found it easier to adapt that editor for writing code for RFO Basic!

Small screens and big fingers can be a problem.


Current version is 1.0.0 
Date  30th January 2013

Installation -  

Download the file DRBedit_setup.exe and run it.

The Help file is included.

This version is ‘ Vista friendly’. By default it will install into C:\Program Files\ccom\DRBedit\
64bit versions of Windows will install into C:\Program Files(x86)\ccom\DRBedit\
The Data is installed into the current users ‘Local Data’ directory.
Early versions of Windows will install the data to a folder under the application folder.
To find where that is on your system, check ‘About’ under the Help menu.
If you have made any changes to the syntax help files, backup copies will be made for you before updating.

The program should run on all versions of Windows from XP upwards.

It has not been tested on Windows 98.

Uninstalling: Uninstall from 'Add Remove Programs' or the start menu.



Download DRBedit_setup.exe.

Download DRB Edit Help File. (Included in setup EXE)

To help encourage me to keep improving this program, a little 'beer money' ($5.00) would be appreciated.