MM Edit

A Windows editor for the Maximite and MicroMite.

MM Edit is provide without any warranty of any kind.
Always back up your programs before using MM Edit.


What Does MM Edit do?  

The Maximite is a small and versatile computer running a full featured BASIC interpreter with 128K of working memory.
It will work with a standard VGA monitor and PC compatible keyboard and because the Maximite has its own built in SD memory card and BASIC language you need nothing more to start writing and running BASIC programs.

The Micromite is a single chip solution designed for embedded systems. It’s Basic is much the same as it’s big brother although it doesn’t have the graphics or file system support.

Further information is available from:

 MMedit was created to simplify writing applications for the Maximite computer.
The first versions of MM Basic required line numbers, something that I was happy to leave behind when working on my PC!
MM Edit was created to help write programs on your PC and easily transfer them to the Maximite Computer.

Version 3.0 of MM Basic removed the need for line numbers so the original reason for MM Edit is no longer valid.

MM Edit does a lot more than strip or add line numbers so it is still a useful addition to the toolkit.

How do you use it?   

From the Main window: Write your program with or without line numbers as required. 

From the Maximite Chat window:  Send commands to your Maximite, Upload your program and download programs from the Maximite.

From the MM File window: Transfer files to and from the Maximite.

Current version is 3.8.1
Date 08th Jan 2019

Installation -  

Download the file MMedit_setup.exe and run it.

The Help file is included.

This version is ‘ Vista friendly’. By default it will install into C:\Program Files\ccom\MMedit\
64bit versions of Windows will install into C:\Program Files(x86)\ccom\MMedit\
The Data is installed into the current users ‘Local Data’ directory.
Early versions of Windows will install the data to a folder under the application folder.
To find where that is on your system, check ‘About’ under the Help menu.
If you have made any changes to the syntax help files, backup copies will be made for you before updating.

The program should run on all versions of Windows from XP upwards.
If you are using Norton's Anti Virus, It may detected as WS.Reputation.1 which simply means that Norton's doesn't know anything about the file.
It does NOT indicate a problem with the file.

It will not install on Windows 98.

Uninstalling: Uninstall from 'Add Remove Programs' or the start menu.

For a portable installation that can run from any location including removable drives, download and extract the files to your preferred location.
The portable installation doesn't require uninstalling. 
Provided you keep your source files on the same drive, you can use the portable installation on any PC.


Download MMedit.exe 

Download PDF version of  MM Edit Help File. (CHM version included in setup EXE)

To help encourage me to keep improving this program, a little 'beer money' ($5.00) would be appreciated.