There are two standard macros for setting the time and RTC as well as 10 user defined menu items/buttons.
'C type' escape sequences can be inserted. End the macro with \n or \010 or \x0A to send a newline.

The following codes are available:

Apart from \U and \u, they are case insensitive.

\b    008   backspace
\t    009   tab
\n    010   newline
\v    011   vertical tab
\f    012   form feed
\r    013   carriage return
\e    027   escape
\U          pulses DTR line (if enable handshake lines)
\u          pulses RTS line (if enable handshake lines)
\z...       pause macro for ... milliseconds
\x..        sends chr$(..) interpreted as hex
\...        sends chr$(...) interpreted as 3 decimal digits
\\          backslash

You can send any ASCII code including the Maximite specific codes:

\027        escape             \145       F1
\130        left arrow         \146       F2
\128        up arrow           \147       F3
\131        right arrow        \148       F4
\129        down arrow         \149       F5
\132        insert             \150       F6
\127        delete             \151       F7
\134        home               \152       F8
\135        end                \153       F9
\136        page up            \154       F10
\137        page down          \155       F11
\139        alt key            \156       F12

Macros are not saved in the command line buffer.


Last edited: 03 November, 2020