Regularly used functions can be saved in the Library.

Some MMBasic devices have a library facility on the chip. This Library feature is different and will work for all devices.
You could have different function with the same name. One for each target device to easily cater for differences between devices.

To save a new function, highlight the function in the editor,
open File/Library...
Click on "Add selected code to library"
It is a good idea to comment your code. Any comments within the function/sub will be saved. Comments in the lines before the sub/function will not be stored so keep comments within the function.

To use a function from the library,
open File/Library...
select the function name from the list
Click on either "add function to program" to add at the current cursor location or "add function to program end " to add the function to the end of your program.
The library can be edited like any other basic program
The library is named "library.bas" and is stored in the data folder.
All folder locations are shown in Help/About...



Last edited: 03 November, 2020