Main window

The main window is where all the editing takes place. Currently you can only have one file open at once but you could use a second instance of MMEdit to work on two files consecutively.
Be aware that the preferences are save when you exit MMEdit and the last copy of MMEdit to close will be the one that ultimately saves the preference.

You can also run another editor such as Notepad++ and copy and paste between the two

When you return to the editor from another window, you may need to click twice to gain focus. (That is one thing that really annoys me).

You can change the colours of the editor by editing the preferences file. You can also change the font but using a font that is not a mono-spaced font will give strange results. "Courier New" is the only mono-spaced TTF font that is part of a standard Windows.

There is a long list of keyboard shortcuts in addition to the usual suspects.

New in version 4.1, the help files are HTML files. The most up-to-date versions can be perused at


Last edited: 03 November, 2020