Connect Menu

Test server: This connects to a Micromite running off a Raspberry Pi. 
It can be used to test code while you are waiting for the chips to arrive! IP addresses and data sent to the Micromite is logged for debugging purposes.

New: This opens a window for setting port number and speed for RS232 and IP and port for TCPIP.

The last 10 connections are remembered to make it easier for multiple devices.

The connection doesn't actually occur until you open a Chat or File window or select 'load and run'
Make sure you have selected the correct syntax file before attempting to use the connection.

Load and Run: Connects to the device and sends the contents of the edit window to the device using XMODEM. It can also perform a number of operations during the process. See Preferences or the Advanced menu. If you prefer to use AUTOSAVE to upload programs, use 'Load' in the Chat window.

Connect to Maximite: Connects to your device and opens the Chat window

Clear connection: Should be selected before unplugging your Maximite. The connection will automatically clear 2 seconds after closing the Chat and File windows.



Last edited: 02 November, 2020