File Menu

New: Starts a new blank document. If a "default" template has been created, this is used instead of a blank file.

New from Template: Allows you to choose from 5 different templates.

Open: Standard windows operation.

Recent: Lists the last 10 files.

Save/Save as: Standard windows operation.

Save as Template: Saves the current files as a template. Templates are saved in the 'data' folder

Save Selection as: save the currently selected text instead of the full listing.

Save as RTF: Save the selection or full code as RTF and opens you default RTF viewer. This allows printing and pasting into documents in colour. 
You will be given the option of saving with line numbers. This is useful if you want to refer to sections of the code such as in a tutorial.
If you do use that option, readers of your document will not be able to copy and paste your code into MMEdit and have a working program.

Format for TBS forum: Formats the selection and copies to the clipboard ready for pasting to TheBackShed forum in colour. Useful for short code examples but not advisable for large listings.

Format as HTML: Formats the selection and copies to the clipboard ready for pasting to a web page. This was used to create examples in the MMBasic syntax help files.

Restore: Revert to a previous version. Usually this is that last time an operation that changes the whole file was performed such as 'remove comments and blank lines etc. Undo (ctrl-Z) in the edit menu has a multilevel undo and is preferred for normal recovery. 

Print: Prints the document. If the display is set to show keywords in uppercase, they are also printed in uppercase. For colour printing and greater control over output, use Save as RTF.

Preferences: Opens a window to set Help menu items and various Editor Preferences.

Library... Opens the Library window for saving and retrieving code segments. This is a handy way of having regularly used function close at hand.
It is not the same as the library feature available on some devices.

TFTcolour: Opens a colour chooser program. This is a stand-alone program. You can select clouurs from a named list or by choosing from the desktop.

MM File Master: Opens a new window for file management. It sends ctrl-C when first connecting so any running program will be stopped.

Chat to Maximite: Opens a new Chat window. The Chat window is a basic terminal with HEX view for debugging and time stamping etc. For a true Terminal, I recommend TeraTerm.

Run in DOS: runs the current program in DOS MMBasic
The first time it will ask for the location of “MMBasic.exe”

Exit: Cleanly closes MMEdit.


Last edited: 03 November, 2020