Help Menu

About will tell where the program files are located as well as version number.

Syntax Help Index opens a help viewer with access to locally stored HTML files describing the MMBasic syntax. 
Function key F1 is a shortcut for syntax help. If the cursor is on a keyword, a brief syntax hint for that keyword is displayed. Shift-F1 opens the full help viewer.
The logic looks at the 'word' before the selected word s well to try any give a better context relevant help. 

MM Edit Help opens this file. It is also a series of locally stored HTML files.

There are 6 menus for user configuration. 
They can be set to any PDF or other document or web page, provided windows has an application associated with them. By keeping code fragments in a text file, you can readily open the file here.
The files in the list are set in  the preferences dialog.

Change Log displays the change log file.

Configuration report displays an expanded version of the 'About' box including a full listing of the mmedit4.inf file. This is useful for debugging MM Edit.

Error log. We hope we never need to look here. If it gets too big, you may need to Clear it.

Check for updates: Requires Internet connection.


Last edited: 03 November, 2020