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Strip code line numbers: Does as you would expect. Removes line numbers from the code and changes GOTOs etc to use labels. You can use 'Restore' in the File menu to swap back and forth.
While MMBasic can run code with line numbers, it is much more efficient to program without line numbers and using SUBs and FUNCTIONs instead of GOSUB etc.

Inset line numbers: Not sure why you would want to do this!

Remove blank lines. Blank lines are good for readability but if memory is tight, removing them will help a bit. 
Copy and pasting code from Web or Word documents can sometimes result in double spacing. This fixes that.

Remove comments and blank lines. Strip all comments that start with '. Comments with REM will not be removed. Useful when memory is tight.

Remove Indents and Trailing spaces. Removes formatting to reduce file size. You casn always use Format to reinsate Indents.

Crunch: Performs both the above operations in one step.

Replace 'Smart' quotes. Replaces those annoying quotes that appear in code copied from PDF's or MS Word documents.

Format. Adds Indents to make reading code easier. It also warns if there is a FOR...NEXT or DO...LOOP etc that is not correctly terminated.

Save keyword case: The keyword case seen in the edit window is temporary and unless you choose to Save Keyword Case, your code will be saved in the case you typed it in. 
MMBasic is not case sensitive so it is purely cosmetic. You may wish to Save keyword case before posting code on Internet forums or in documents.

Merge Include files: The code is scanned and any lines with INCLUDE directives will have the file referenced inserted.

Report Variable Usage. List all variables and labels used. With this list you can locate redundant code. The variable report is now done using an external program - MMEditPlus for greater speed. It also lists sections of code that might get corrupted when posting on TBS forum.

DOS line endings/Unix line endings: Sets the line endings. Maximites are reasonable tolerant but it is safest to stick to DOS. It will tidy up inconsistencies if code has been pasted from different sources.



Last edited: 02 November, 2020