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Syntax colouring Show keywords an dnumbers etc in colour. To change the default colours, you can edit the preferences file - MMEdit4.inf which can be found in the 'data' folder.

Capitalize keywords: Toggle keywords in uppercase/ as typed. This is only for visual effect and is not saved in your file. Use Program/Save keyword case to save the chosen state in your code.

Mark spaces: Put a dot where the spaces are to make aligning text easier. Extra spaces in the wrong place can be hard to find otherwise.

Line endings: Show the line endings. Usefull way to check that any pasted code has the line ending oyu were expecting.

Indent Guides: Put a thin vertical line where you indent to help keep track of nested loops 

Auto-indent lines: If you indent a line, the following lines will also be indented. 

Physical line numbers: These are only for display and are not the same as program line numbers (which should be avoided)

Show column marker: you can put a marker similar to the nested loop indent marker at any chosen column. 
This can be used as a visual aid when trying to keep line lengths down or as an aid for aligning comments.

Set column marker. Set the above columns marker. It can aslo be adjusted using left-right buttons that appear when the column marker is active.



Last edited: 02 November, 2020