Compatible with:
DOS Maximite CMM MM150 MM170 MM+ MMX Picromite ArmiteL4 Armite F4 ArmiteH7 Picomite CMM2

RBOX x, y, w, h [, r] [,c] [,fill]

Draws a box with rounded corners on the VGA monitor starting at 'x' and 'y' which is 'w' pixels wide and 'h' pixels high.
'r' is the radius of the corners of the box. It defaults to 10.
'c' specifies the colour and defaults to the default foreground colour if not specified.
'fill' is the fill colour. It can be omitted or set to -1 in which case the box will not be filled.
All parameters can now be expressed as arrays on the CMM2 and the software will plot the number of boxes as determined by the dimensions of the smallest array. 
'x', 'y', 'w', and 'h' must all be arrays or all be single variables /constants otherwise an error will be generated. 
'r', 'c', and 'fill' can be either arrays or single variables/constants.

RBOX 20,20,400,300,20,RGB(RED),RGB(GREEN)

Last edited: 30 September, 2020