Nomad's Almanac

Nomad's Almanac is provide without any warranty of any kind.
It is NOT an aid to navigation.
The data provided with the program was assumed to be correct at the time of publication but there is no guarantee.

What Does Nomad's Almanac do?   From any location in Australia, you can view satellite aiming data, Terestial TV and Radio bearing and distance. You can also add your own database such as Amateur Radio and CB repeaters. 

How do you use it?   

From the Locate Menu: Select your location by clicking on the map, choosing a town from the list, choosing a 'favourite' or entering your co-ordinates. 

There is a database of over 65000 names to choose from.

From the View Menu: Choose the list you wish to view. Supplied lists are for Satellite TV, Digital and Analogue TV, AM and FM Radio. There are 10 spares for user generated lists. Once a list is selected, it will be refreshed whenever you change locations.
Once displayed you can copy the full report or individual locations to the clipboard.  
Version 1.5 also links to Google maps and OziExplorer.

The Utilities menu allows you to load your own maps and update the databases.

Current version is 1.6.1 
Date  18th May 2013

Installation -  
This version will install over version 1.4 and above.
Uninstall earlier versions first.

Download the file Nomad_setup.exe and run it.

This version is ‘ Vista friendly’. By default it will install into C:\Program Files\ccom\nomad\
64bit versions of Windows will install into C:\Program Files(x86)\ccom\nomad\
The Data is installed into the current users ‘Local Data’ directory.
Early versions of Windows will install the data to a folder under the application folder.
To find where that is on your system, check ‘About’ under the Help menu.

The program should run on all versions of Windows and Linux using ‘Wine’.

Uninstalling: Uninstall from 'Add Remove Programs' or the start menu.


Amateur Repeater list: Download the ZIP file and extract the 2 files into Nomad's data folder then restart Nomad's Almanac and you will have an extra menu item for Repeaters.


Download Nomad's Almanac (including help file)

Download Help file (PDF)

Download Australian Amateur repeater list (ZIP)


Nomad's Co-ordinator

Enter map co-ordinates into the top box in (almost) any format and it will be converted into the 3 'standard' formats.
145.907778, 145 54.467, 145 54 28, 145degrees 54min 28sec etc all are valid inputs.
The program will try to determine if you have entered latitude or longitude. If in doubt, it will not give any direction.

Nomad's Co-ordinator is a single executable file. Simply download the file Coordinator.exe and run it. There is nothing to install.


To help encourage me to keep improving this program, a little 'beer money' ($5.00) would be appreciated.