SkyMesh usage meter.

Keep track of your internet usage with the SkyMesh usage meter.

The program only works with SkyMesh accounts.
It doesn’t need Firefox or Internet Explorer – just let it run in the background.

Provided SkyMesh don’t have to make changes at their end, SMusage should work happily till the end of time, or the NBN, whichever comes first.

 To install, run smusage_setup.exe. It should install correctly on all versions of Windows (and ‘Wine’ for linux users).
Uninstall through the usual Windows uninstall methods.

Download smusage_setup.exe.

If you want more up-to-date internet usage information and you are using an Icon modem for your Satellite Internet, IconLog is still functioning:


Icon Modem Logger

IconLog is provide without any warranty of any kind.
It is NOT a replacement for your ISP's data.
As I no longer use Satellite for my Internet connection, there will be no further updates.

What Does IconLog do?   It reads your Icon Satellite modem and logs the Signal strength and Quality, and Data up and down. It also draws pretty charts.

How do you use it?   

The left hand screen has the latest messages. When you start the program, it loads the previous messages.

The top of the chart is data down and up. You can scale it from the View menu to suit your usage.
Below that is signal strength and then EsN0.
If EsN0 is zero, the chart changes to red.

The chart is updated every 5 minutes.
The data is therefore 5 minute averages, and the Signal and EsN0 are minimum and maximum over the 5 minute period.

The right hand pane has:
Signal and EsN0 updated every 15 seconds.
Data in kB/sec averaged over 15 seconds.
Data in MB/hour averaged over 5 minutes and updated every 15 seconds.
Data since the program started or since a reset in the File menu.
Data over a defined period:
Left click on the chart to set the start time and Right click to set the end time.

Move the mouse over the chart and the data below will change.

Every minute, a record is written to a log file "IconYYMMDD.csv" where YYMMDD is the days date.


 Download the file IconLog_setup.exe and run it
By default it will install into C:\apps\IconLog.
To avoid and problems with Windows security, do not install it into "Program Files" or any other protected folder if you are running Vista or Windows 7.
The program should run on all versions of Windows.
It works under Linux using 'Wine'

Apart from the start menu, all files are installed into 'C:\apps\IconLog' or the folder you selected during setup.

Uninstalling: Uninstall from 'Add Remove Programs' or the start menu.


Download IconLog


To help encourage me to keep improving this program, a little 'beer money' ($5.00) would be appreciated.